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Here is a link to a sample chapter of the new Rosser biography. Enjoy!

Check out the new review in America's Civil War Magazine.

Here is part of a recent review of the Rosser biography from a historian:
"I finished reading the Rosser book this evening. Well done.  You researched this book extensively. It covers his life and career in exhaustive detail. Your analysis of his Civil War military career is exceptional, especially when discussing the fragility of his postwar remembrances. You wonderfully make no attempt to hide Rosser’s views on slavery and race, which some non-academic authors tend to do. I thought the best part came in his postwar life, when he prospered and struggled in equal measure. The narrative is nicely paced as well, and rarely bogs down in detail. On the whole, you have a winner here. Unlike the Bushong book, this could be the standard work on Rosser for years to come."

Thomas lafayette rosser biography Sheridan R. Barringer

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Major General Thomas Lafayette Rosser


I created this site to discuss and inform anyone interested in the life of Major General Thomas Lafayette Rosser, CSA. General Rosser commanded the 5th Virginia Cavalry, then The Laurel Brigade, and lastly a Division of Cavalry during his service to the Confederacy. I will be posting information and photographs about him. I will also be keeping you informed of my biography of General Rosser, Custer's Gray Rival: The Life of Major General Thomas Lafayette Rosser, CSA. This book, published by Savas Beatie, will be released in the Fall of 2017. General Rosser was a complicated and controversial man, a fearless warrior who enjoyed the thrill of the fight. This book will be of interest to Civil War cavalry aficionados and history buffs. I will begin accepting Pre-orders only when the book goes to print (usually 5 weeks before release). I will ship the books, signed and personalized (if you wish). Check out this new site. Click on the items Books, Bio, News, Contact, Blog, and More across the top of this Home page to see much more good stuff. Be sure to scroll over on the "More" Page to see all the pages listed. Thanks.

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About 70 books sold by me so far since the September release. Not sure how many the publisher has sold.

Book Reviews

1. "This new biography of General Thomas L. Rosser is a good read as well as good history. Thoroughly researched, covering every important period of the subject's military and civilian careers, it does justice to a flamboyant, hard-fighting, contentious Confederate whom history has unfairly neglected."

Edward G. Longacre, retired historian for the Department of Defense and author of numerous books, including Lee's Cavalrymen, Lincoln's Cavalrymen, and The Cavalry at Gettsyburg.


2. "Although the life of Thomas Lafayette Rosser has been examined by an earlier biographer, Barringer brings us a new and refreshing study of the general with this publication. Relying on scrapbooks and papers in the University of Virginia library, as well as numerous other sources, we see Rosser’s career advance through promotions within the Army of Northern Virginia as he deals with such noted contemporaries as J.E.B. Stuart, James Dearing, and Thomas T. Munford, along with Union General George Armstrong Custer. Of particular interest are those letters between him and his wife, Betty, who stands by him during his period of alcoholism and later as he becomes a Christian.

Rosser’s major part in the war comes to light in his role of “Savior of the Valley” in 1864 and the next year at Petersburg to Appomattox. While he gains a name for himself in these turbulent times, there are those battles when his actions are not so stellar. As he rose from regimental to divisional commands his leadership qualities waned.

Barringer has brought to us another of his fine Southern cavalry commander biographies to hold its place among his earlier work."

Chris Calkins, Historian

Petersburg, Virginia


3. "At one and the same time a remarkably gifted cavalry commander and yet a controversial figure in the Army of Northern Virginia known for self-aggrandizement, General Tom Rosser's contributive but disputatious life and career is finally related in easily grasped and coherent fashion by my friend, Butch Barringer, an emerging cavalry scholar. It is gratifying to learn herein that Butch–not surprising to me–has revealed the "real Tom Rosser" in this first-rate study. In fact, any who care to be introduced to intricate details regarding General Rosser's fascinating orbit of command leadership as exhibited by his accomplished military and civilian pursuits will enjoy and appreciate Butch Barringer's deep scholarship, and superb writing skills."


Clark B. Hall, Founder and Past-President of the Brandy Station Foundation

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May 30, 2020 review from Newport News Daily Press and Virginia Beach Pilot

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