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I graduated from Virginia Tech as a mechanical engineer.  I worked at NASA for 37 years as a mechanical engineer and project manager.  During the last 10 years or so of my NASA career, I worked extensively managing projects refurbishing and making improvements to the large cryogenic wind tunnel at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. This tunnel is the only cryogenic wind tunnel in the United States. After retiring from NASA Langley Research Center in 2003, I was a consultant for Whitman-Requardt & Associates in Newport News for two years. There, I built a computer model of the high pressure air system for Newport News Shipbuilding and recommended system improvements.  My interests these days include researching and writing biographies of Confederate cavalry commanders. I have three books under contract with Savas-Beatie to be published:

1. Fighting for General Lee: General Rufus Barringer and The North Carolina Cavalry Brigade. Published in February 2016 by Savas Beatie. Winner of the 2016 Douglas Southall Freeman History Book Award by the Military Order of Stars and Bars.

2. Savior of the Valley: The Life of Major General Thomas L. Rosser. Probable release in 2016.

3. Unhonored Service: The Life of Colonel Thomas Taylor Munford.

Other interests include physics and cosmology.  More later.

Sheridan R. Barringer
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