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Future Books to be Published

Here's a list of books I have written that will be published in the next few years.  They are either currently under contract with Savas-Beatie Publishing. The Thomas Rosser biography will be published in the spring of 2017. The Thomas Munford biography will probably be released in 2018.

Unhonored Service: The Life of Colonel Thomas Taylor Munford

Photo courtesy Library of Congress


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Custer's Gray Rival: The Life of Major General Thomas Lafayette Rosser

               Photo courtesy of VMI Archives

Colonel Munford deserved promotion to brigadier general, but was passed over by others less qualified and junior in service to him.  He was a capable cavalry commander, who quarreled with his superiors, but was loved by the troopers in his command.

Major General Rosser and Colonel Thomas T. Munford hated each other and feuded for the remainder of their lives.  Both men grew to loath General J.E.B. Stuart.

Check out the General Thomas L. Rosser page on Facebook. Just do a search on Facebook for General Thomas L. Rosser.

Check out the Colonel Thomas Taylor Munford page on Facebook.  Just do a search for Colonel Thomas Taylor Munford on Facebook.

Brigadier General William H. Payne was promoted over Colonel Thomas T. Munford in the Fall of 1864, eliciting in Payne's opinion an offensive comment from Munford. The thin-skinned Payne challenged Munford to a duel. The matter was settled amicably with an exchange of letters.

When researching for the General Thomas L. Rosser biography, I had the good fortune to come across a 1942 photo of the home in which he was born. It's in the book. None of his descendants knew of it. Today, all of the outbuildings are gone. Only the main house survives. It has been remodeled, but is of the original size on the original site. Really lucky break. i talked with a gentleman whose family lived in the house (I checked this out via deed research) from 1935-1942. He told me what all the outbuildings were used for - fascinating!

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